Epios aims to make COVID-19 tests, research data widely available and secure

The Epios Project, an open-source effort spearheaded by the Telos Foundation, is using blockchain to improve testing for COVID-19 and future pandemics as well.


Today the Telos Foundation is proud to announce the Epios Project, an open-source effort to provide users anonymous, affordable testing for pathogens such as COVID-19.

As our flagship product, the Epios team is building a mobile app that connects individuals seeking anonymous testing with providers in various countries and regions who can supply and process test kits in accordance with local laws and regulations. The app’s features will run on the fast, cost-efficient Telos blockchain.

Project Goals

Provide users with anonymous, high-quality disease testing. Provide researchers with anonymized public reporting on test results. Create the simplest UI and logistics for testing available. Work with local groups in each country or region to meet the specific requirements of local laws, structures, and supply chains.

Engage with governments and NGOs with compatible missions to expand the reach of our software, better serve populations, and provide testing at low cost to individuals.

Early development of the Epios app has been led by a small team within the Telos Foundation. But we are now seeking additional collaborators and partners globally, including country/regional managers to help deploy the app, government partners, developers, financial supporters, and end users.

All source code created for the Epios app is provided under a standard MIT open source software license. The ability to commit new code to the Epios software repository is controlled by the Epios software development team in conjunction with the Epios project manager.

The name “Epios” and its logo are trademarks of the Telos Foundation. To avoid confusion, only country managers selected by the project manager may use the Epios name and marks.

About Telos Foundation

The Telos Foundation is dedicated to growing its namesake blockchain as a place for purpose-driven startups, individual developers, and more.

The foundation was created in December 2018 to support the then-recently launched Telos network on an open-source basis. It thus sustains functions previously served by the volunteer Telos Launch Group.

As an EOSIO-based platform, Telos delivers fast transactions, scalability, and community-oriented governance. Our long-term goal is to make Telos the number-one ecosystem for Web 3.0.

For more information, please visit https://telosfoundation.io

Press Contacts

Suvi Rinkinen, CEO, Telos Foundation: suvi.rinkinen@telosfoundation.io

Douglas Horn, Architect, Telos blockchain/Epios whitepaper author: douglas.horn@telosfoundation.io