introducing you to the future of testing


Founded in early 2020, the Epios project was birthed with the intent of providing a uniquely smooth testing experience. This was largely in response to the lack of test availability for the coronavirus. Epios is building the infrastructure necessary to handle demand for this emergency and for those we have not yet encountered.

We believe that cheap, universal, and secure testing will help to ensure that pandemics can be better managed.

Supported by the Telos Foundation, Epios is looking to fulfill the promise of “private testing for everyone” using advanced blockchain technologies and smart logistics solutions.

Team Members

Douglas Horn

Team Lead

Suvi Rinkinen

Business Development

Syed Mahdi

Core Developer

Rami James

Product Lead

Sergey Ilin

Blockchain Architect and Developer

Kevin Quaintance

Technical Project Manager

Erika Elder

Project Organization

Peter A. McKay

Content Producer


Epios includes members from many parts of the world. We have all understood how important this project is and are contributing our various experiences towards its success. With this international outlook, we have a wider, more comprehensive understanding of what needs to be built.


Our team takes some of the smartest, most experienced professionals from across multiple industries and brings them together to work on a technology platform like no other. With team members who have built and launched applications and platforms, we have the know how to deliver.


Countless hours of research, experimentation, discussion, and hard work have gone into making Epios come to life.