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Medical testing at your fingertips

We are focused on providing scalable solutions for testing biological samples using modern, secure, and privacy-focused methods.

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We are focused on

We know how important it is to protect your privacy when it comes to your medical status and history. With our unique technical solution, based on advanced blockchain technologies, Epios can provide our end users an anonymous testing experience.

With our patent pending technology, Epios provides a secure, anonymous solution for those who want testing available at the click of a button. Our use of the Telos Blockchain means that we have a consistent, performant platform that is always shielded from bad actors.

By using the best in breed local partner labs, we get to ensure that the tests that clients request get processed at the highest level possible. When it comes to your health, Epios wants to make accuracy one of our top priorities.

Much of the world does not have access to traditional computers, and rely solely on their mobile devices to connect to the internet. With our mobile first methodology, Epios ensures that these populations have access to testing when they need it most.

Let’s bring testing into the future, together

Our easy to use process


Our easy to use Epios application is designed for mobile devices.

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Create and manage your in-app personas.


Order tests for yourself or others.


Perform your test and send it to the lab for processing.


You’ll securely receive your results directly to the app.

Advantages of Epios


People who need testing the most have quick, cheap access to it in a personal and private way.


We believe in a business model built around open source software. Epios is committed to providing excellent software for public, international use by those who need it most.


Our localized logistics solution means that tests are sent to geographically close lab partners, decreasing wait times and lowering costs.


Epios is committed to providing a safe experience for our users and for the labs that we partner with.